Get heard by decision makers

Citizens Connected helps your supporters send personalized messages to their elected representatives – politicians pay more attention to messages from voters in their area. If you want your supporters to contact corporate decision makers, you can make sure they are in touch with the most relevant person, based on location or other criteria you define.

You can also create powerful online petitions that display the names and messages of signers – if they agree to show this information.


  • easily create send-an-email functionality to put people in touch with their elected representatives
  • federal, municipal and provincial databases are available
  • create online petitions and display supporter signatures and comments
  • encourage sharing through Facebook and Twitter
  • unobtrusive anti spam measures

Identify your supporters

Identifying your allies and engaging with them is the cornerstone of any campaign. With Citizens Connected you can build a list of supporters, along with information about who they are, how to contact them, and what they are interested in – all helpful information when you are working to create change.

As an administrator, supporter data in Citizens Connected is easy to access. You can log in and download contacts in spreadsheet form. Citizens Connected can also integrate with your constituent relationship management (CRM) system (Currently available for Salesforce and CiviCRM) to automatically update your main contact database.


  • ask for as little or as much information as you like when supporters take action
  • supporter contact information is automatically coded with the persons location, and federal, provincial or municipal district, based on postal code
  • search, sort and download data in spreadsheet format
  • Citizens Connected currently integrates with customer relationship management systems Salesforce and CiviCRM.

Engage with your supporters in meaningful ways

We have integrated Citizens Connected with a leading email management system, MailChimp. Supporters who indicate they want to hear from you are automatically added to an email list – you can then send professional looking emails, keep track of who opens them, clicks on them and unsubscribes from your list.

Social media tools within MailChimp mean you can identify and follow up with your most social media-savvy supporters, the true ambassadors for your cause.

Since you know more about your supporters than simply their email address, you can engage with them in more meaningful ways. You can invite them to events based on where they live, send updates on the specific issues they are interested in or send highly targetted fundraising appeals.


  • send messages and manage your email lists with MailChimp, a robust email management system
  • track open rates, clicks and effortlessly manage unsubscribes from your list